Help Legacy kids like Kelly

Support them to thrive despite their loss

This tax time, donate to Legacy to support Aussie veteran’s families. It is they who live with the sacrifice every day.

Legacy puts family first.

Tax time donations help support the families of our Aussie veterans.


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Help pay the bills for a veteran’s spouse when their partner dies or is injured in combat
Fund education scholarships for our Aussie veteran’s sons and daughters
Legacy provides a support network for families that have been affected by military service

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"I had somewhere I belonged, with other kids who had a silent understanding of why we were there"

Some of my fondest childhood memories were with Legacy.
The winter camps I attended, where I touched snow for the first time.
The long-lasting friendships that I made.
I even met my partner Stanley, a fellow Legacy kid, through Legacy.

Legacy never forgets the family behind our heroes

Legacy is a volunteer-driven charity. The Legacy community wraps itself around a veteran’s family to give them the support and compassion they need. Many Legacy volunteers come from military families, so we understand the effects a life of service can have.

It’s no replacement for a loved one, but Legacy acts as both a village and an extended family. Legacy is a life-long support group for military families.

Legacy is a charity that exists to care for military families

Legacy started as a promise from one digger to another on the battlefield. "Don't worry mate, I'll take care of your family."

100 years later, Legacy still exists to care for and support the military families of our returned soldiers.

At Legacy, we know that family is the most important thing.

Legacy remembers our soldiers by caring for their family

Legacy never forgets the families of our servicemen & women, for it is them who live with the sacrifice every day.

This tax time donate to Legacy, the charity that supports Aussie veterans and their families.