Support our veterans’ families this Anzac Day. 

Operation Rosemary 2024

This Anzac Day help Legacy make a huge impact on the lives of
the families of our veterans.

Get involved in our Rosemary Appeal today!

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Operation Rosemary 2024

In 1923, Legacy made a promise to help families after the loss or injury of a loved one in military service.
To this day, we still ensure these families always have someone to turn to for support.

There are so many ways you can help the promise live on. Whether you host a fundraising event, make a donation,
or join Legacy as a volunteer, your support will have a real impact on the families of our fallen and injured veterans.

On Anzac Day, rosemary is our gift to the public, but many choose to donate for their sprig.
These donations go directly towards supporting the families of our veterans.

Rosemary has a long and storied history in the Australian war effort.
During World War I, soldiers would often carry sprigs of rosemary as a symbol of remembrance for their fallen comrades.
This tradition continues today, with rosemary being used as a symbol of remembrance on Anzac Day.

Leading up to and on Anzac Day, Legacy distributes rosemary to the public as a symbol of remembrance.

You can help keep the Promise.

Be Part of Operation Rosemary 2024

Hand out Rosemary

Help us distribute Rosemary on Anzac Day and at various other sites in the CBD including sporting games.

Order Rosemary

Show your support this Anzac Day by displaying a tray of rosemary and collecting donations in your workplace, school, pub, club or other organisations.

Host an Event

Host a fundraising event such as a morning tea, a BBQ or other event to help support our veterans’ families this Anzac Day.

Help a mum like Melanie protect her kids from trauma.

No caring mum deserves to experience the heartbreak of not being able to provide the stable childhood her kids need. Especially not a mum like Melanie*, who is doing whatever it takes to keep her kids safe…

“My ex-husband was diagnosed with PTSD after two tours of Timor Leste.  I’ve lived with the violent outbursts, you kind of go into survival mode. You’re always walking on eggshells.

He couldn’t handle noise. He couldn’t handle the kids being kids, so you were always running interference to keep the peace. You’re always trying to appease. Then, last year, it all overflowed.”
Melanie is proud of her ex-husband’s service to our country in the Australian Army. But she also understands the cost, better than most.

Join us for Operation Rosemary 2024.