How fundraising for Legacy works

When you fundraise for Legacy, you’ll be leading the charge but we’re behind you all the way, as backup and tactical support.

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Decide HOW you’re going to fundraise

Choose a fundraising event or activity that suits your lifestyle. Make it as big, small, silly or serious as you like – there are no limits! Just be sure it’s something you feel motivated to do and you’ll be keen to share with friends, family and colleagues.

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Register your details and start personalising your fundraising page. We call this your Home Base, and we’ve made it super-easy to add information about your event or activity and ask for donations.

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Don’t be shy! Tell the world about your fabulous fundraising event or activity. Shout it out on your socials, tell friends and hit send on those emails to your workmates. The more people know, the more all-important funds you’ll raise to support our veterans’ families

Mark's amazing journey to give back

Mark had two great uncles serve in the Great War, one who tragically succumbed to his wounds six weeks before the Armistice and another who went on to serve in WWII but sadly passed away when Mark was 11.

His grandmother was president of their local Torchbearers for Legacy in Campbelltown and all through his childhood, Mark was often drafted as a helping hand through many fundraising events, even serving as a page boy for the Legacy Debutante Balls. 

After he couldn't join the RAAF despite attempting to enlist twice, Mark decided to give back to his country by fundraising for Legacy.

"The job that the armed forces have had to do for our country has touched me so deeply and knowing the incredible work that Legacy does to support those families, it was a no-brainer that I would raise money for this cause."

At age 59, Mark rode 5,471 km across the country in a velomobile - a three-wheeld bicycle.

His amazing trip started and Fremantle and ended at the Sydney Opera House, lasting 45 days with Mark pitching a tent each night and resting at key milestones across Australia as he travelled.

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