Fundraising tips and resources

How to smash your fundraising goals

We are so grateful for your fundraising efforts. Here are some fundraising tips and resources to get you started.

Remember, it’s all about telling your friends and family why you’re passionate about supporting Legacy and why it means so much to you.

It’s YOUR page, so personalise it

It's your page - so own it!
Add a profile picture so everyone can see it's you.
And, if you have a personal story of why Legacy is important to you, and you’re comfortable sharing your story, please do.

Spread the word!

Make sure everyone knows what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Be sure to share updates - photos or videos of your preparation, or share some of the Legacy resources below.

Make the 1st donation

By making the first donation to your page you're showing others that you are dedicated to the cause. Your friends and family are also more likely donate if somebody else has already made the first donation. Especially if it’s you!

Don’t be afraid to ask

Most people will be delighted to support YOU (and Legacy) and something you’re passionate about. But they need a reason to give – so don’t be afraid to ask. But make sure you tell them WHY Legacy and supporting veterans’ families is important to you.

Call in back-up

Get the ball rolling by asking for donations from close friends or family (people you know will support you).
Once you’ve got a few donations you can start asking a wider group.


Make sure to thank every donor for their support! It can be a phone call, email or post on social media. Posts on social media are a great way to increase interest in your fundraiser AND show your gratitude at the same time.

Send an email

We have a handy email template you can use to ask for donations. Head to your dashboard to find the template and add your own details before hitting send.

Ask more than once

You should know that it usually takes multiple asks. Your supporters will appreciate a reminder so make sure you ask for donations a few times and in different ways – email, phone, in person on social media etc.

Tag us

Tag @LegacyAustralia on Facebook or @LegacyAust on Instagram and we’ll share your good deeds with our community.

Resources to download

Brochure About Legacy

Brochure About Legacy

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The funds you’ll raise make a big difference for our families

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