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Legacy is dedicated to supporting the families of women and men who’ve given their lives or their health in service of our country. But we can’t fund our work without help from generous supporters like you.

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When the worst happened, Gwen turned to Legacy

"I’ve been to absolute hell and back, with my husband’s mental health issues, trying to protect my family while helping him, and then his death. I couldn’t have done it without the support of Legacy." - Gwen

For Gwen, Legacy has been a lifesaver, providing unwavering emotional and financial support after her husband, retired Sergeant Peter Jon Café, tragically took his own life.

Peter was a highly decorated soldier and served his country in conflict zones including Iraq, Afghanistan and East Timor.

Peter’s war experiences left him affected by mental illness and PTSD. It was a new kind of battle – one that he wasn’t trained for – and it impacted every aspect of his life.

The couple had two children, but Peter remained plagued by demons. Like many veterans, he struggled with his identity beyond military life, and lived with deep depression, anxiety and bouts of anger. Gwen stuck by him every step of the way, giving him all the support she could.

Thanks to the generous support of people like you, Legacy was there for Gwen and her family after Peter’s tragic death.

We helped the family with social and emotional support in their time of grief, and provided financial support when it was needed as they slowly began to put the pieces of their lives back together.

When you choose to fundraise for us, you’re helping more families like Gwen’s when they need us most. The care we provide can never replace a loved one, but we are dedicated to ensuring that no widow, widower or child is left behind due to a veteran’s service – we know they’d want it that way.

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